Introducing HighGear 9.1, our latest update that brings two powerful platforms together through integration. Using HighGear’s Certified Power Platform Connector, business analysts and HighGear administrators can level up their implementations by integrating directly with Microsoft’s first-party connectors to access a catalog of over 1,000 business applications. Effortlessly integrate HighGear workflows and processes with the applications you’re already using, such as Outlook, Teams, Office, and SharePoint, without writing a single line of code.

HighGear 9.1 Release Video

  • SaaS customers will be upgraded to version 9.1 on the following dates:
    • Early Access: 10 PM ET on Saturday, August 12th
    • Mainstream: 10 PM ET on Saturday, August 26th
  • Self-hosted customers with an active maintenance agreement can immediately download the self-installing upgrade from the HighGear customer portal.
  • For support, please contact
  • For additional licenses or services, please contact

Power Platform Integration

With HighGear’s new integration with Microsoft’s Power Platform, HighGear now provides another easy way to connect to your external business applications and processes. Power Platform already includes integrations with a large number of 3rd party applications such as Salesforce, WordPress, and DocuSign. It also integrates deeply with Microsoft’s tools and applications including Teams, Outlook, Office 365, SharePoint and more.

Once you’ve connected HighGear to Power Platform, you can create automations that respond to HighGear’s workflow to affect your other systems. HighGear provides the ability to pull data and attachments from HighGear’s tasks and contacts. In addition, automations can be built to edit data and trigger workflows within HighGear. An extensive list of actions is available including the ability to create, edit, and delete tasks and contacts. Power Platform’s tools make it easy to set up multi-step automations that can integrate multiple systems together. This allows you to leverage HighGear’s powerful workflow tools to orchestrate more parts of your organization with ease.


Configuration Synchronization Improvements

The config sync administration page now includes information about all active config syncs that are in progress, whether they were initiated by the current user or someone else. The config sync process now runs in the background so administrators can navigate away from the config sync page and it will continue to run. The administrator can return to the page when desired to see progress.

Recurring Template Interface Improvement

The recurring template page now warns the user if they attempt to switch the template’s status to a closed status. This reduces the chance that a user accidentally closes a recurring template instead of the task that is generated from the template.

About Mark Porter

Mark serves as HighGear’s Product Manager and is responsible for the customer research and design that drives the user experience of the HighGear platform.

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