New Features

Special Permissions for Owners and Assignees: Administrators can define special permissions on fields and statuses for the owner and assignee of a task. If the current user is the owner or assignee of a task, the special permissions will be added to the user’s normal permissions for the fields and statuses in that task.

Right-Click Menu has New Start Timer Option: When a user right-clicks on a task or project in the task list, the context menu will now include an option to start a new timer on that task or project.

Performance Improvements

  • Importing and exporting large system configuration files is more than 10x faster.
  • Changing a contact’s permissions and group membership is much faster.
  • All of the administration pages have small performance improvements.
  • The time required to save a task that triggers a long chain of workflow rules is significantly improved.
  • The time required to save a task is reduced slightly for all scenarios.


  • The Click Here link in the header text in the email notifications is more obvious and easier to read.
  • If a user clicks on the Status field for a task in the task list, selects a new status, and then opens the task record, it saves the new status before it opens the task.
  • Numeric textbox fields have a new option to specify whether they should format their values for display, or display the values without formatting. The default is to leave the values unformatted, like previous versions of JobTraQ.
  • When a project is copied and then pasted, its sub-tasks are created in the same order that they were created in the original project.
  • After an administrator saves changes to permissions to a tab in the form designer, it only closes the permissions popup instead of the whole options window.
  • The synchronization methods in the web service API now include information about timer permissions and timer categories.
  • The time log methods in the web service API now return each timer’s state (Started/Paused/Stopped) along with the other timer data.
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