New JobTraQ BPM Software Features

Contact Lookup Fields can be restricted by contact class and type: Administrators can configure contact lookup fields to only allow users to select contacts that match specific contact classes and/or contact types.

External pages can be embedded in JobTraQ forms: External pages can be placed anywhere in a JobTraQ task or contact form, and can also be added to entire tabs in the task type form designer. Data can be passed from JobTraQ fields in the external page URL in the same way that dynamic links pass data.

Automatic Windows Authentication: If JobTraQ users are on the same Active Directory domain as the JobTraQ server, they can choose to login automatically using their Windows credentials, instead of typing their username and password. Note: This feature requires some server-side configuration changes.

Internet Explorer 9 Support: Microsoft released Internet Explorer 9 on March 14th. JobTraQ X5.12.2 is fully compatible with the new version.

Performance Improvements

  • The Activity Log pages are significantly faster.
  • The administration pages are faster for servers that have many custom fields and task types.
  • The calendar pages now load about 10% faster.
  • The contact list is significantly faster when searching using the Parent field.
  • Caching and compression were tuned to reduce the amount of web data transferred from JobTraQ to the user’s browser. Mobile users and users with slow network connections will see noticeable speed improvements.


  • Users can now close a project and all its sub-tasks using the edit features in the task list page.
  • The Outlook Server Module is no longer required to use the JobTraQ Add-In for Microsoft Outlook.
  • The contact and project lookup fields are redesigned to be easier to use.
  • The email notification and incoming email processing features now support SSL connections to mail servers like Gmail.
  • The Work Schedules page displays inherited schedules to make it easier to view and change a user’s work schedule.
  • The web service EditTask() and EditProject() methods can now edit new records that have not yet been saved, if the user is a dispatcher for the person who created the new records.
  • The OpenMultipleContacts() web service method includes a parameter to sort the contacts that are returned.
  • The synchronize configuration feature has a new progress bar to indicate the expected time required to import a configuration file.
  • The database timeout for large BI Module reports is increased to 180 seconds.
  • The web service API allows clients to retrieve permission information for individual tabs in task types.
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