Important: Upgrade Prerequisite

Previous versions of JobTraQ BPM software only required version 2.0 of the Microsoft .NET Framework. JobTraQ X5.12.3 and later require version 3.5 of the .NET Framework. If your server does not have that version installed, you will be required to install it before upgrading JobTraQ.

New Features

Workflow management formulas can return the difference between two dates: Administrators can create workflow formulas that find the number of days, hours, or minutes between two dates. One of the most exciting applications of this new feature is to capture, format, and record cycle time or other useful performance data into numeric fields for use with the Business Intelligence module or third party reporting tools.

More flexible timers in the web service API: The web service API now allows an external application to start and stop timers for users other than the one the web service client is logged in as. This permission controlled feature enables tighter integration with third party or custom timekeeping applications and extensions.

Nightly email notifications can be disabled: This new system-wide setting allows administrators to disable the nightly task summary emails that JobTraQ sends to users who are assigned to tasks and to the supervisors (dispatchers) of those assignees. This allows administrators to replace the built-in summary emails with customized emails generated using the Business Intelligence module or a custom solution.

Performance Improvements

  • The Close Project Subtasks popup (a time-saving feature that offers a convenient way to close all of a project’s open subtasks automatically) now closes each sub-task separately. This gives the user more immediate feedback about progress and reduces the delays previously caused in resource constrained systems due to the high load caused by the previous bulk save process.
  • The GetProjectChangesForAllUsers() web service method is nearly ten times faster than in previous versions.


  • The Appointment Info page now includes a shortcut icon for starting and stopping timers, like the Task Info page has.
  • The Billable field is no longer included in the Summary section of task notification emails, and the Work Estimate field is now displayed in its place.
  • The nightly notification emails now include the time for the Due Date field.
  • The Task Type icon is now the first icon in the Customization tab under Administration, to better fit the common usage patterns of administrators.
  • If an administrator imports a configuration file from a system that has different names for important permission groups, the importer can now determine the correct groups to load the new permissions into.
  • A new system setting allows administrators to select a banner to be displayed at the top of the user interface in non-production JobTraQ systems. This will help ensure that administrators won’t accidentally make changes in the wrong system. This will also reduce confusion for end users who occasionally use a non-production system for training or testing purposes.
  • The Anonymous Forms feature has been made obsolete by other available options and has now been removed. We made this change after first verifying that our clients with active support agreements are no longer using this feature.
  • The Checkpoints feature now only allows individual contacts to be selected to receive checkpoint warnings.
  • The saved view list stays open after a user renames a saved view.
  • The Form Designer allows admins to create embedded dynamic pages that are as small as 20 pixels tall.
  • The tab option user interface in the Form Designer is much easier to use now.
  • The length limit of URL Textbox fields is now 2048 characters, to allow users to enter more complex URLs.
  • Workflow formulas can now use negative number constants for multiplication and division.
  • Two new API methods allow web service clients to get all running timers for a single user or all users.
  • A new API method allows web service clients to easily determine whether a record ID is a task or a project.
  • The schedule settings for recurring tasks now have logical default values.
  • The System Alerts popups now allow admins to easily email the alert details to JobTraQ Support.
  • The Business Intelligence Module can now use the Dependencies table.
  • The Business Intelligence Module can now access contact information for contacts referenced in the audit trail.
  • If an email server has a problem, JobTraQ BPM software will only record one system alert about that problem each day, instead of recording an alert for every email failure.
  • The OpenTask(), OpenProject(), and OpenContact() web service methods can get the values of fields that are not in the record’s task type/contact type.
  • Recurring tasks use task type default values for all empty fields.
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