Swift Software is excited to announce the release of JobTraQ software version X5.12.5. This latest version includes our new Mobile Interface Module, which must be licensed separately. Our customers who beta-tested this new module will automatically be upgraded to the production version when they run this upgrade, and will receive a permanent mobile module license as a thank you for their support of our beta program.

This new version also includes a new form design feature, and a few enhancements and performance improvements requested by customers and partners.

For support, please contact support@JobTraQ.com. For additional licenses or services, please contact sales@JobTraQ.com.

SQL Server Compatibility Notice

All previous versions of JobTraQ BPM software have supported SQL Server 2000, 2005, and 2008. This is still the case for JobTraQ X5.12.5, but JobTraQ X5.13 and all future versions will require SQL Server 2005 or later. This change will allow us to take advantage of new SQL Server features to improve performance and reliability. We will continue to support existing JobTraQ versions on SQL Server 2000 until April 2013, when Microsoft will discontinue support for all versions of SQL Server 2000.


JobTraQ Mobile: The new JobTraQ Mobile module is optimized for quick and easy use on smartphones and other mobile devices. It allows users to view and edit their tasks, download attached files, start and stop timers, quickly view their upcoming schedule, and search, view, and quickly reach out to JobTraQ contacts. JobTraQ Mobile is compatible with Apple’s iOS 3 or later, Google’s Android 1.5 or later, BlackBerry OS 6, and the Bolt web browser for BlackBerry OS 5.

  • Important Note: The mobile module requires Microsoft .NET 3.5 SP1 to be installed on the JobTraQ server.

The form designer allows administrators to hide the labels for fields: In prior versions of JobTraQ, the form designer allowed administrators to choose whether each field’s label should be shown above or to the left of the field. Now, there is an additional option to hide that label completely.

Performance Improvements

  • Prior versions of JobTraQ could only process one simultaneous page per user. This meant that if a user had multiple browser tabs and started a long process in one of them, all the other tabs would be placed on hold until the first one completed. JobTraQ no longer restricts the user to one active page at a time, so users in this scenario will see much better performance.
  • The web service login process is significantly faster for programs that make frequent connections to the JobTraQ server.
  • Complex task list searches that use the Parent Project field or any of the Time Log fields are now considerably faster.


  • The Time Log Total field can now be used in workflow formulas and in calculated columns in the Business Intelligence Module.
  • Workflow formulas for textarea fields can now use a new keyword to insert line breaks into the text.
  • Workflow formulas for checkbox fields can add all the checked values from the trigger task to the same field in its parent project, instead of simply overwriting the existing values.
  • When the Business Intelligence Module’s report designer is processing a change, the mouse cursor will change to an hourglass to tell the user that it’s waiting.
  • A new web service API method allows programmers to create custom system alerts that will be shown to administrators in the dashboard.
  • The rule list in the workflow administration page now shows the full description of each rule, if the user’s window is large enough.
  • The user subscription lists for scheduled reports in the Business Intelligence Module now hide users that do not have email addresses.
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