Swift Software is excited to announce the release of JobTraQ version X5.13.0. This latest version includes a new custom user interface for Attached Files that is much easier and faster to use, a new Batch Edit feature that lets users quickly change a large number of tasks and projects, and several enhancements requested by customers and partners.

To read complete release notes for all current and previous versions, visit our release notes page.

For support, please contact support@JobTraQ.com. For additional licenses or services, please contact sales@JobTraQ.com.

SQL Server Compatibility Notice

All previous versions of JobTraQ have supported SQL Server 2000, 2005, and 2008. JobTraQ X5.13.0 and all future versions now require SQL Server 2005 or later. This change will allow us to take advantage of new SQL Server features to improve performance and reliability. We will continue to support previous JobTraQ BPM software versions on SQL Server 2000 until April 2013, when Microsoft will discontinue support for all versions of SQL Server 2000.


New Attached Files User Interface: Instead of storing attached files in a single list for each task or contact, administrators can now create multiple custom attached file fields with separate names and security settings. These fields can be placed at any location in the form designer. Finally, the new user interface is designed with advanced features like drag-and-drop and multi-file upload to give users the easiest and fastest experience possible when uploading files.

Batch Edit: Users can now select a set of tasks and projects in the task list and edit all of them in a single batch. For example, they can now reassign all of the tasks that are assigned to an employee who is going to another team, subtract two weeks from every task’s due date to meet a new project deadline, or add four hours to the work estimate of every task to accommodate new testing requirements.

Recurring Projects: Users can now create recurring projects in the same way that they create recurring tasks.

New Recurrence Option: Users can now schedule recurring tasks to run on the last day of a month, quarter, or year.

New Task Notification Option: Save and Only Notify Owner.


  • Workflow process formulas can now use the division operator with the Work Estimate field.
  • Users can now right-click on a project and add tasks to it in Group By mode in the Task List.
  • The Jobs table in the Business Intelligence Module has a new pre-calculated Time Log Total field to improve performance and make it easier to create timer reports.
  • To help administrators use their JobTraQ licenses most efficiently, the Contact Account Info page has a new field that shows whether the contact is licensed or not.
  • To help users not to lock themselves out of JobTraQ, the permission group and contact info pages now warn the user if a change would remove important permissions from their account.
  • If a user clicks the Go to Time Log icon in the Dashboard timer popup, it saves their changes before it sends them to the new page.
  • Appointments are removed from the Agenda widget when their End Date is past.

Fixed Bugs

JobTraQ BPM software X5.13.0 also includes fixes for various bugs that were found in previous releases. Our Errata page has a list of the bugs that were fixed in this version, as well as a list of known issues.

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