Swift Software announces the release of JobTraQ software version X6.1.0. This new release includes long-requested workflow control features for email notifications, significant performance improvements, and a new set of light, fast, and modern user interface design updates.

Self-hosted customers with an active maintenance agreement can immediately download the self-installing upgrade from the JobTraQ customer portal. SaaS customers may contact support@highgear.everclearmarketing.com to request the upgrade, or simply wait for us to contact you.

To read complete release notes for all current and previous versions, visit our release notes page.

For software support, please contact support@JobTraQ.com. For additional licenses or services, please contact sales@JobTraQ.com.

UI Update Preview


  • User Interface Design Update: This visual design update eliminates wasted space, lightens the color scheme, and reduces the time required to download pages. At the same time, none of the buttons, tabs, or text have moved or changed behavior, so users do not need any training to use the new design. This update provides a smooth transition into a faster, easier, and friendlier experience for JobTraQ users.
    • Lighter color scheme is easier to read and more ergonomic.
    • Efficient use of borders and whitespace provides more space for the user’s data.
    • Customer logo is now displayed prominently in the center of the login page.
  • Workflow Email Notification Control: Workflow management processes and Global Conditional Actions can now control email notification options. Administrators can change users’ notification permissions and/or a system default notification setting to limit the notifications that they can send. Then they can configure workflow to add notifications at the specific stages where they are required.

Software Performance Improvements

  • Load time for every JobTraQ page reduced by 1 to 1.5 seconds for all users.
  • Data transfer time reduced by 10-40% for users with slow network connections.
  • Workflow engine performance increased by roughly 5%, with potentially larger improvements for complex workflow processes.


  • JobTraQ Mobile now supports the Save and Notify Owner option when editing tasks and projects.
  • The Running Timers list in the Dashboard is reloaded whenever a user comes back to JobTraQ from another window or tab.

Workflow Software Behavior Change

  • When workflow processes used the Occurred or Will Occur operators in previous versions, they always used the Save and Notify Assignee option. Because workflow management actions can now specify which notifications to send, the Occurred and Will Occur operators no longer send any notifications. If you wish to send notifications when these operators are triggered, simply go to the action definitions in your processes and specify the notifications that you want the system to send.
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