The JobTraQ X7 series launched with significant improvements that make your JobTraQ system easier and faster to use, based on insights from real-world feedback and end-user research. The addition of features like pinned lists, notifications, and conversations allows users to quickly find their work and communicate. In this release we’ve continued that focus by adding customer-requested improvements to streamline communication between users. These improvements include a simplified email notification design, enhancements to the new conversation feature, and a way to push shared lists to your users’ sidebars so they can quickly find what they need to work on.

Self-hosted customers with an active maintenance agreement can immediately download the self-installing upgrade from the JobTraQ customer portal.

SaaS customers will be automatically upgraded at 10pm on Saturday, March 25th. If you have any questions please contact

To read complete release notes for all current and previous versions of JobTraQ workflow software by Swift Software, please visit our release notes page.

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New Email Notification Design

We simplified the email notifications for tasks, projects, and appointments. They now focus on the changes made to the record. The style of the emails now matches the new visual design introduced in X7. These new email notifications will make it easier for users to quickly understand what happened and whether a response is required.
New Email Format

Push Shared Lists to Permission Group Members

Since X7.0, users have been able to pin project and tasks lists to their sidebar for quick access. Now, administrators can pin a shared list for all members of a permission group. This allows administrators to easily set up a productive experience for all their users.

Other Features

New Message Marker in Conversation Area
The conversation area now includes a marker that highlights new messages posted since the user last viewed the task or project.

Conversation Search
Users can now search for tasks and projects that contain a specific keyword term or phrase of text that was posted in a conversation message.


  • When a new user logs in for the first time, they will see a one-time Welcome to JobTraQ screen that explains the basics of navigation and provides some instructions on how to get started.
  • The task list will refresh whenever a user’s update to a task or project would move it between projects or between groups in the list.
  • The task list inline edit and quick status change features will now refresh the list if the updated task no longer matches the list or if it moved to a different group or project.
  • Users can now view their JobTraQ notifications from the mobile site.
  • Administrators can now configure a task/project type so that required fields are enforced when creating and updating recurring tasks of that type.
  • A new filter box allows administrators to find workflow processes and GCAs faster.

Updated System Requirements

JobTraQ X7.3 requires Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 or later and .NET 4.6.2 or later
Previous versions of JobTraQ required Windows Server 2008 R2 or later and .NET Framework 4.5.2 or later. To boost performance and increase security, JobTraQ X7.3 requires Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 or later and .NET Framework 4.6.2 or later.

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