Workflow Management
Built for Everyday Business Users

Build enterprise-grade workflow applications in days not months without writing code with a visual platform trusted by management and approved by IT. 

Automate how you assign tasks, manage work, track progress and optimize your business processes.

Trusted by leading companies worldwide to power their mission-critical processes

And many more.

Features That Empower You to
Revolutionize Your Business Processes

Our solution helps businesses meet complex compliance requirements and automates assigning tasks, distributing documents and requesting approvals.

  No-Code Visual Workflow

Quickly and easily build and edit highly complex workflows using intuitive drag-and-drop tools that don’t require programming, development or coding skills.


  Drag-and-Drop Form Builder

Create custom forms with simple point-and-click functionality. Utilize custom fields, assign permissions and organize the captured data.

  Enterprise Task Management

Assign tasks, manage work, track progress and report the status of activity across departments without searching through paper forms, e-mail or spreadsheets.

  Real-Time Reporting & Analytics

Gain real-time visibility into the status of operations to improve efficiency and rapidly respond to changing market conditions in order to accelerate digital transformation.

Get More Work Done in Less Time

Deploy in less than a tenth of the time compared to traditional BPM solutions.

Save Time on Projects 

Save 40-50% of the time spent on each projector task and gain real-time visibility into operations across your organization.

Maintain Compliance

HighGear automates compliance with industry regulations via enforceable workflows and
a non-repudiable audit trail.

Build Workflows in Hours

Leverage no-code design to build custom visual workflow applications within hours with our drag-and-drop builder.

Increase Productivity

Improve accuracy, optimize processes and identify bottlenecks to increase overall productivity with powerful dashboard analytics.

And hundreds more.

Integrate With Leading Business Applications

Leverage HighGear’s Open APIs to integrate with systems you already use and efficiently share workflow data throughout your enterprise.

Discover What’s Being Said About Us 

We help businesses accelerate their digital transformations and build custom workflows in minutes, not months.

Accelerate Digital Transformation


“Everything is controlled in HighGear. 12,000+ tasks are workflow-generated each month. There is no way we could manage that volume by hand.”

Sammye Klein, Operations System Specialist

Quality Assurance

“…12 months ahead of schedule… HighGear offers a better platform for developing and implementing meaningful and customizable workflows…”

Defense Logistics Agency, Fiscal Year 2019 Annual History

Defense Logistic Agency Fiscal Year 2019 Annual History

IT Team

“HighGear gave us the ability to scale the volume of our underwriting system. My technical team can manage it ourselves without any programmers or developers.”

Jeff Colandrea, Technical Architect

Enterprise-Grade Workflow Application

Easily Create Forms, Design Processes
and Automate Workflows

Shift into HighGear and start building your workflows the easy way.

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