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The Future of Workflow Automation — Good News for a Year That Could Really Use Some

It's no overstatement to say these past two years have presented significant challenges to every aspect of our lives. And as another wave of Covid appears to be gathering on the horizon, those challenges don't seem to be going away anytime soon. At the same time,...
Maximize Productivity

How to Rank and Set Strategic Priorities

At every level of an organization, there needs to be a way to set priorities and reprioritize projects. Legacy projects can stall due to changing workplace environments, new leadership, and lack of clarity and communication. New projects and opportunities will always...
HighGear psychology of productivity

The Psychology of Productivity

With only so much time in the day, remote employees are feeling “productivity pressure” with work and personal time becoming fully intertwined. Daily stressors can no longer be isolated between various aspects of one’s day. And employees are finding productivity to be...

Webinar: The Business Analyst and Strategic Thinking | July 29, 2021

All projects are tactical. And as a result, project managers are trained as tacticians, tactical thinkers. However, all projects start as part of an overall strategy for the organization; each project is a step toward achieving one of the organization’s strategic...
Importance of Auditing in a Financial Services Firm

Importance of Auditing in a Financial Services Firm

A colleague of ours recently remarked on their time in the pharmaceutical industry saying, "the worst thing you could hear was your name being paged to report to Conference Room A." At this company, Conference Room A was perpetually reserved for the FDA. Not...
Visual Workflow

What is Workflow?

Workflow is either an abstract representation of the flow of work or a sequence of controls that routes tasks and artifacts through business processes. Businesses across different industries have unique sets of processes that are carried out on a daily basis. Workflow...
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