HighGear On-Premise Pricing

Flexible Plans for all your Workflow Needs

HighGear can be purchased and downloaded to run on your own equipment
as an annual subscription or permanent license. 
Only pay for “Contributors” with 5+ open tasks, all other users are free

On-Premise/Annual Subscription Pricing

Questions? Call +1 866 640-2633 or Contact Us to discuss permanent license options.

So What’s the Catch?

No catch. Just convenience. Only “Contributors” with 5+ assigned tasks count against your licenses. Request tasks, track progress and run reports for free. Add hundreds or thousands of non-Contributor contacts without purchasing additional licenses.

Order HighGear On-Premise

Sales will contact you within one business day to confirm the details and provide your license keys.

The software solutions featured on this web page should not be confused with those CRM solutions sold under the mark HIGHERGEAR, found here.