BPM for Banking & Financial Services

A system that can change faster than client expectations and regulations…

Delivering True Business Process Agility and Improving Customer Service, Acquisition & Retention.

When regulations change and markets demand new products and services at the speed of thought the old way of doing things simply isn’t good enough.  However, “better systems” can no longer deliver lasting advantage if their implementations are slow and ongoing refinements are cumbersome requiring large teams, specialized skills, and complex procedures or code. Increasingly, the combined ability to adapt and respond quickly is the winning advantage, begging the question: How can you empower your greatest assets, your people, to give you that advantage?

Return on Investment

  • Move beyond simply creating more efficiencies and cost savings – directly identify and improve the Customer Experience, thereby increasing customer acquisition, satisfaction and retention
  • Build strong, direct linkages between departments, functional units and group silos – significantly improve Operational Abilities across your business
  • Deploy business processes and workflows in less time than it takes to hold the meeting to discuss why the process modification should be implemented – achieve True Process Agility & Continuous Improvement
  • Enjoy all the major functionality of traditional BPM suites such as IBM BPM or Pegasystems, for less than 30% of the initial deployment cost and overall TCO – Optimize and Reduce Cost
  • No long, painful deployments or waiting for IT to get around to implementation – Deploy in 10% of the time, and Modify in Minutes
  • No IT or specialist developer or coding skills required – hand business process autonomy to business analysts and process owners and gain Freedom from the IT Department
  • A full Audit Trail and Compliance Record backed by Role-Based Permissions and data security
  • Straight-Through Processing (STP) cutting response times for customer interactions such as account opening and loan processing

Find out why Fifth Third Bank, Royal Bank of Scotland, Principality, and many more use HighGear, the pioneering Lean BPM suite for banking.

The banking and financial services sectors have undergone a huge shift in both the competitive and regulatory environments. The #1 focus must be on customer satisfaction and improving the consumer experience from first touch, and on through the entire life of the relationship. Operations must also comply with a complex and fast-changing regulatory and legislative framework, managed by increasingly aggressive regulators.

The gap between financial institutions who are performing well and those performing badly is widening, and Business Process Management (BPM) is the answer to delivering improved, and continuously improving, customer experiences in a compliant manner.

BPM is more than just improving workflow automation and managing tasks, with HighGear the Lean BPM pioneer, our core philosophy  revolves around empowering business process and operations professionals with the ability to optimize business processes – without the need for the IT department, or any specialist development and coding skills.

The major differentiator between HighGear’s Lean BPM suite and our competitors is this: we all deliver broadly similar functionality, but only HighGear allows process owners and operational staff to push new workflows and modifications to existing business processes into the live environment with ZERO involvement of IT, specialist coders or development professionals.

HighGear delivers 80% of the functionality of a traditional BPM solution, for 20% of the cost and deploys in 10% of the time.

HighGear is the pioneer of Lean BPM for Banking & Financial Services

The major differentiator between HighGear and every other BPM suite on the market is this: process owners and operational staff will have full autonomy to own the process, make changes and push them live into your operational environment.

A typical BPM solution will allow your business analysts and operational staff to identify issues with existing processes, and to research and come up with improvements, however, at this point IT then becomes responsible for the deliverables.

This is time consuming and costly, and in today’s hyper-competitive, customer driven environment, by the time IT have deployed the solution, it is obsolete.

True agility is now achievable with Lean BPM and HighGear – with minimal training, backed by stellar US-based support, you are able to design and visualize workflows and business processes with ease.

The crucial missing link provided by HighGear is that you are now able to push processes live operationally, and all associated tasks, notifications, business rules and compliance procedures will automatically be set up with minimal human intervention and in a fraction of the time normally required.

HighGear delivers true business optimization and continuous improvement capability into the hands of those who should wield it – those who own the process and work with it.

Move beyond efficiency and cost-saving – embrace improving the Customer Experience with HighGear


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