BPM for Media & Telecom

Big data meets massive, complex systems restrained by paper-based processes and rigidly applied workflows, unable to change quickly or deliver proactive intelligence. HighGear’s BPM for Media & Telecom enterprises converges data and information, with fast and easy-to-build enterprise business apps, delivering greater visibility, enhanced customer service and peerless performance and growth.

Telecom and Media companies face a mountain of process issues, not least in Customer Service, Market Development, Security & Risk Management, and Infrastructure Management. HighGear’s Lean BPM solution provides the process “glue” that allows people, processes, data and assets to collaborate like never before and wherever they are in the world.

Customer Service

Automate service activation and customer order fulfillment, speeding up delivery time and improving customer experience from the start of their journey with you.

Converge call center operations on one work platform which delivers all the information, systems and customer interactions within one interface.

Increase customer loyalty and reduce churn by ensuring the customer experience is always first-class at every touch, with defined, repeatable processes and measurable outcomes.

Market Development

Deliver more growth by providing a 360-picture of your customers and markets, by converging data, people, resources, people and devices onto one work platform.

Eliminate paper and accelerate operational activity with automated processes, adaptable workflows and enterprise task management.

Greatly reduce report creation time, with automated reporting based on preset business rules, triggered upon exceptional variances or pre-determined, recurring dates and times.

Increase data entry productivity by ensuring all other systems are updated from one work platform which retains customer information, triggers work orders, integrates with accounting and finance, as well as sales and marketing.

Security & Risk Management

Establish clear governance with automatically enforced business rules ensuring workflows are followed with full procedural compliance, backed by enterprise task management.

Risk mitigation is achieved simply and effectively with process optimization utilizing both real-time and past trend data, supported with predictive analytics & BI.

Regulatory and business compliance becomes a natural by-product of workflows and business processes, supported by a full audit trail and non-repudiable compliance record which maintains a record of every field input throughout the BPM platform.

Improve and simplify security through role-based permissions embedded within the BPM platform, while contact visibility controls ensure only those authorized individuals (internal and external to the enterprise) gain access to data. (HighGear meets ISO, ITIL, NIST 800-53, SOX and SAS 70 compliance and security standards).

Dynamic business rules ensure operational integrity is created and maintained.

Infrastructure Management

Consolidate case management on one work platform, with all information and documents held within one repository.

Accelerate response times through automated workflows and business processes, providing superlative collaboration of people, systems and assets, available anywhere, anytime and on any authorized device.

Merge field and office operations with remote installation testing (pinging) while enforcing field procedures through business-rule compliant workflows, all accessible through a web browser and Mobile.

Enjoy performance optimization through social collaboration functionality and access to knowledge no matter it resides within the enterprise.

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