Installation: HighGear Software with Microsoft SQL Server

When installing HighGear with Microsoft SQL Server, certain caveats apply: HighGear can only run on SQL Server 2005 or later HighGear can only connect to SQL Server using "mixed mode" authentication Windows Authentication mode is not supported When you install...

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How To: Transition from JobTraQ X5 to X6

Our original plan for upgrading JobTraQ (now known as HighGear) X5 customers to X6 and the new visual workflow system was to automatically convert the existing workflow rules into single step processes in the new system. But because each X5 workflow rule was...

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How To: Reference HighGear Software Developer Code Samples

We have published several free code samples for HighGear software developers. Web Form to Create and Edit Tasks Through the Web Service This sample uses the web service to display a Create Task or Edit Task form for any task type in your JobTraQ system. It can be used...

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